Covid-19 measures and instructions

I’m delighted to announce that I’m getting back to face to face teaching of both singing and 121 Feldenkrais Functional Integration lessons at home in Hemel Hempstead.

My house is just outside the M25 near the A41 ‘Boxmoor’ exit and less than half a mile from Hemel Hempstead station which is served by four trains an hour from Euston (around 30 mins) and one from Clapham Junction. Unfortunately I will not be able to teach privately in London for the time being.

I have carried out risk assessments for both singing lessons and Feldenkrais FIs which you can find here.

I have put various measures in place to keep you, me, my household and any visitors safe. Please read them carefully and contact me if you need to discuss anything or notice that I have omitted anything that applies to your specific needs/situation.

Arrival at my home

Please arrive on time for your lesson. I will timetable in enough of a gap between students so that paths will not cross and there is time for me to sanitise and ventilate everywhere. I will therefore need to work to a strict time limit. Unfortunately I will not be able to offer you the normal cup of tea for the time being so please bring your own beverage/water.

On entry to my house please hang any outer clothing/coats on the designated coat rack in the hall and remove your shoes, leaving them on the plastic mat. Please then use the cloakroom/toilet facilities to wash/sanitise your hands. Paper towels are provided with a pedal operated bin to dispose of them. (I will make sure that all surfaces, switches and door handles have been cleaned/sanitised prior to your arrival).

Singing lessons

In my teaching room I have installed a plastic screen and bought an air steriliser which zaps the air with UV-C (it’s like you might find at the dentist). I have designated an area to stand which allows for over 2m social distancing. I will make sure the room has been ventilated and cleaned between students.

Please bring your own pencil and let me know in advance what repertoire you’d like to work on and in which key. If I have the music myself I can use that, otherwise, please email me a PDF.

If you prefer to have singing lessons online via Zoom this will still be possible and I foresee this becoming the new normal with a mixture of face to face and online teaching.

Feldenkrais Functional Integration

Because of the nature of this work it is not possible to maintain social distancing. I will be wearing a Level II medical mask and a face shield. I ask that you also wear a face covering (I can supply this if necessary). I will ensure that all surfaces that you will come into contact with have been cleaned/sterilised including the table, pads and rollers. I will also use paper hygiene roll to cover the rollers/pads. If you would like to bring a small towel for your head that would be appreciated. The air steriliser will be switched on to ensure that the air is clean. I will make sure the room has been ventilated and cleaned between students.

If you are a new student who would like to come for a Functional Integration lesson I suggest that I hold the initial consultation online via Zoom.

It is also possible to have one to one lessons over Zoom. These would be take the form of personalised Awareness Through Movement explorations.

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes

For the time being my ATM classes will be continuing weekly online as the room I use is not big enough to be financially viable if I allow for social distancing. The classes are working very well indeed and the group is warm and welcoming of any newcomers. If you’d like to join us please email me at to be sent the link.

Wear something comfortable and have a mat/blanket to lie on with the camera pointed at your mat so that I can see you. I’m still working on a ‘donation’ basis with the suggested donation being £10 for a class. This can be paid via the paypal link here

Tomorrow (9th) and next week (16th September) will be from 2.00-3.00. Please note that from 23rd September they will move to the new time of 1.30-2.30. There will be no class on Wednesday 28th October which is half term. 

You will gain the most from the lessons if you can come regularly but if time doesn’t allow for this please feel free to pop in when you can. Sometimes there is a flow through the lessons from week to week but they can all be done out of context.


I will endeavour to run an online workshop for singers at some point this term but will wait until my teaching schedule has settled down before I make any firm plans. Watch this space… I will however be teaching a Well Musician 2 day weekend workshop alongside Emma Alter and Niall O’Riordan on the 21st/22nd November. Sign up here to receive details when we send them out.