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Awareness Through Movement (ATM) Classes

Updated 30th March 2020

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions I have moved all my teaching online

The final ATM class of the term will be on Wednesday 8th April from 2-3pm

I will arrive 15 mins early for a chat if you are new to Feldenkrais or would like to catch up

This will take place on Zoom and you can access the class by copying this into you browser

Meeting ID: 342 536 214

This is an open class (not just for singers) on general movement themes. No previous experience of Feldenkrais is necessary.

A donation would be welcome but not necessary if you’d like to come and join the class. Click here to find out more

Please email me if you’d like to find out more

All you need is a space to lie down on a mat or blanket and to wear comfortable clothing.

Moving forward into the Summer Term

Whilst I am working at home in an online capacity I will be teaching a weekly ATM class from 2-3 on a Wednesday.

The first class will be on Wednesday 22nd April. Look forward to seeing you.

Anita Morrison’s Pimlico Feldenkrais ATM Class at home
Time: Wednesdays 2-3

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 342 536 214


From Babble to Babel; The Foundations of Language

In Celebration of World Voice Day 2020

I will be offering a FREE 1 hour workshop to celebrate World Voice Day at 10am via Zoom.

I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to deliver the session I had planned for the, sadly cancelled, Eurovox Conference which was due to take place in Edinburgh in July. Contact me from the contact page if you’d like to come along and join in.

From the moment a baby takes its first breath, innate survival mechanisms such as breathing, crying, coughing and sucking shape the infant’s first relationship with its own sound. As the infant engages with its environment, experimenting playfully, these physical experiences form the building blocks for communication.

Learning by experimentation and repetition leads to the formation of habitual patterns of movement. Sometimes unhelpful habits are formed and embedded which can obstruct the progress to more refined usage. As singers who are required to refine their articulation in order to communicate with clarity and precision in multiple languages and dialects we can be hindered by restrictions which originate from these habits.

In this workshop we shall turn back our personal clocks to infancy and through a series of playful movement experiments, inspired by The Feldenkrais Method, re-engage with the first steps on our vocal journey in order to re-examine our habits and identify new options and possibilities. The intention of this session is to increase our self-awareness in order to obtain new tools to assist us in nurturing our students in a non-judgmental environment. “If you know what you’re doing you can do what you want” Moshe Feldenkrais

Pelvic Power

I will repeat my recent sold out Feldenkrais workshop online on Zoom on Friday 17th April from 9.30-1.00

Please email me at to book your place. I will limit the number of participants to 15 so that I can attend to everyone’s needs.

My Lewes, East Sussex, workshop has been postponed. I will put details here when I have them.

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